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+ What do you offer at Flooring & Design?

We offer flooring, fireplaces, stone, original art, decor, window treatments, cabinets, countertops, Cambria, design services, fabric, and furniture. We also have samples of shingles, soffets, garage doors, vinyl siding, crown molding, and baseboards.

+ Where is Flooring & Design located?

We are located in the "old Walmart building" between Hy-Vee and Verizon.

+ What are your hours?

Flooring & Design is open:

Monday: 9AM - 5:30PM
Tuesday: 9AM - 5:30PM
Wednesday: 9AM - 8PM
Thursday: 9AM - 5:30 PM
Friday: 9AM - 5:30
Saturday: 9AM - 3PM

We are also open by appointment if those hours do not work in your schedule.

+ Do you create blueprints?

No. We take the project from the blueprint forward.

+ Do you have installers?

Yes. We only use installers with great experience in their field so that our customers have the best experience from purchase to installation. We are very critical of selecting our installers and the work that they do.

+ How long of a waiting list do you have for installing?

When we first meet with customers, I ask them what their timeframe for the project looks like. We ask open questions such as, but not limited to:

"Are you ready for installation?"
"Do you need it done by a certain date?"

+ Do I have to get an electrician and/or plumber for my project?

When we go through details for your project, one of the things that comes up is who you prefer as your electrician and/or plumber. If you don't have a preference, I have several that I like to work with and trust the experience they have.

+ Do you have painters?

Yes. We have painters that we use for all of our jobs that are experienced in their field. However, if you prefer to do the painting yourself, we offer that option as well.